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Community support + recreation

Working together to inspire the Sewickley community

Our Long history in Sewickley
Our past inspires us to make the Center the best place to meet Sewickley's needs.

In 1935, a local group of young African American men organized and formed The Young Men’s Club. This group, with the support of the Sewickley Valley Ministerial Association and a group of prominent local citizens, joined together and established the Sewickley Colored Community Center. 

On February 1, 1937, the SCCC opened its doors for registration and recreational programs.   

For decades “the Center” served as the focal point for Sewickley’s African American community, offering instructional and recreational athletics, martial arts training, crafts, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, and early childhood education; plus social gatherings and activities including parties, trips, a bowling league, and performances by Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jr. Walker and the All-Stars, and other headliners from the Motown Era.

Today, The Sewickley Community Center continues to evolve to provide for the ever-changing needs of residents of the Sewickley Valley Area.

Image of a home in Sewickley, whose residents benefit from the recreation center and affordable daycare.
About our community center
Our mission and vision inspire our community support

We believe in the potential of every resident of the Sewickley Valley Area. Our community resources and recreation center help people to live their happiest, healthiest, and fullest lives.

  • Image of a logo with mountains and a flag, to show th heights to which you can climb with the help of the Sewickley recreation center.

    ​​The Sewickley Community Center, "The Center," is dedicated to providing affordable activities, opportunities, and space to meet the diverse needs of the Sewickley Valley Area.

  • Image of the logo of an eyeball with lines around it, indicating the clear-eyed vision that The Sewickley Community Center brings to their recreation center.

    We are looking at our past as inspiration for the future to make The Center the best place to meet the community's ever changing needs.